Magpie Metal Sales has a large selection of metal roof panels to help consumers create the roofing they need. If you need corrugated, galvanized, steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or weathering steel, we have a substrate material for your project

Magpie Metal Sales offers metal roof panels that allow for a certain level of customization in fastener type, rib height, coverage, product series, and substrate material. No matter the look you desire for your roof, our wide selection of metal roofing options make any aesthetic appeal possible.


Exposed fastener metal roof panels are the material of choice for affordable roofing options on commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings. Color-matched panels are installed over existing shingle decks for a seamless look. These panels are the perfect solution for a durable, eco-friendly roofing option that favors cost and easy installation.


Concealed Fastener metal roof panels are an alternative that offers more durability and a sleek design. For aesthetic reasons, concealed fastener panels are more common in residential buildings. These panels are not only stronger, but the concealed design of the fasteners leads to less maintenance over the life of the roof.

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