Magpie Metal Sales offers metal roof panels that allow for a certain level of customization in fastener type, rib height, coverage, product series, and substrate material. No matter the look you desire for your roof, our wide selection of metal roofing options make any aesthetic appeal possible.


Metal wall panels take the visual appearance of traditional paint to a new level by offering a unique look that is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly. With various substrate materials available, Magpie Metal Sales is your go-to metal wall panel manufacturer. We can help you create a unique, visually-appealing look for your next building project.


Insulated metal panels can be used for both wall and roof applications. Magpie Metal Sales has insulated panels that offer the durability, safety, and energy efficiency that you want out of metal panels. Offered in multiple sizes, insulated thermal panels are easy to put together and install.

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